Friday, November 11, 2011

陶瓷軸承 Ceramic Bearing

圖一 悠九製作的陶瓷軸承
Figure 1. Bearings by Yonitty.
    This ceramic bearing is specially made by Yonity. The materiel of outer race and inner race are stainless steel. The balls are made of silicon nitride (it is a kind of ceramics). And the retainer is made of Teflon. When the bearing is spinning, the Teflon retainer can provide a little lubricant film. It smooths the spin. A ceramic bearing gives it the least friction. It will be your best choice.
圖二 陶瓷軸承的構造與材質
Figure 2. The materials of bearing.

圖三 特殊弧形設計
Figure 3. Concave bearing.
    The shape is based on the traditional concave bearing. But we improve it a little bit. Make it smoother when you doing tricks.
    Notice! DO NOT use any organic solvent to clean the bearing. Original installation is without any lubricant already. So you do not need organic solvent. Besides, the organic solvent would damage the Teflon retainer. If there are impurities in the bearing and you need to clean, please cheek our standard operation procedure.

圖四 軸承的正面
Figure 4. The front side.
    Remember, when you clean the bearing, DO NOT blow it to the front side (Fig. 4). And DO NOT touch the front side by any tool. It might let the retainer fall off. The correct way is blow the back side (Fig2.).

圖五 軸承的背面
Figure 5. The back side.