Wednesday, October 19, 2011

獨家回收系統Exclusive Response System

    This is the Exclusive Response System by Yonity. It is just like the flowable silicon response system at firs sight. However, the response system has been change a lot by Yonity.
    Basically, it is just a silicon pad (Fig. 1). The materiel is similar as the flowable silicon with best response and smooth. Besides, it is very easy to switch. There are no adhesive. You don't need to worry about the problem of residual adhesive. By the intelligent of Yonity, we designed the perfect size that the silicon pad can assemble with yo-yo body tightly without any slip.

圖一 矽膠片
Figure 1 Silicon Pad
    The engineer did not waste any material one the size. The engineer calculated the perfect thickness and width of the pad. It provides great response by the 1.5mm of thickness. And the width is just right that do not increase friction that you don't need.
   The original installation setting of the height of pad is 0.1mm form the yo-yo body. After long time playing, the pad will be worn to decrease the height and response. For all that, the engineer already had the best solution. We provide you a small paper (Fig. 11) that is the same size as the pad. And the thickness is only 0.1mm. You can put it under the pad to make the height and response back.
   We are not selling the consumptive good. We are not making money. We are making yo-yo!

圖二 小紙片
Figure 2 The paper.